Cool Sounds share new single ‘Alive’ with Jimmy Buffet-inspired video

From the forthcoming EP 'Sleepers', due this Friday

Cool Sounds have shared ‘Alive’, the second single from their forthcoming EP ‘Sleepers’ due out this Friday (July 31).

The new track comes with a Jimmy Buffet-inspired music video directed by Simon Fazio, offering island escapism on vocalist Dainis Lacey’ coastal green screen.

The band is encouraging those who enjoy the video to donate to the Lighthouse Foundation, a homeless charity they originally intended to record a live set for prior to lockdown. Watch it below:


Per the band, ‘Alive’ is a reflection on the way life changes and while “friends come and go, memories stay”.

It follows the EP’s first single, ‘Sleepers’, in a turn towards a more introspective folk and country sound. Coincidentally, the band’s 2019 album ‘More To Enjoy’ was recently nominated for Best Independent Country album at the 2020 Australian Independent Awards.

Lacey said ‘Sleepers’ was inspired by early 2000s folk, including the likes of Cat Power, David Berman and Daniel Johnston.

“‘Sleepers’ is an ode to my buddies and loved ones who are contemplative, introspective and dreamy,” he said.

“It is an acoustic celebration of non-conformists and all ’round chillers.”


The ‘Sleepers’ EP was recorded during lockdown in the band’s home studio and was mixed and mastered by the ever-prolific Liam Halliwell, known most recently for his work as Snowy Band.

Cool Sounds were forced to cancel their Australian tour supporting #1 Dads in June, due to public gathering restrictions to stifle the spread of coronavirus.