Corinthians fans have discovered a brilliant “Taylor Swift rule”

Swift's album releases appear to have a direct correlation with the São Paulo side emerging victorious in their next fixture

It appears that Taylor Swift is the lucky charm of Brazilian football side Corinthians: a fan has noticed that the singer’s album releases have always corresponded with the team’s victories.

As Brazilian Twitter user Timão Dados notes, the São Paulo outfit have never lost their last game before Swift releases an album, or the first game to take place following the release of a Swift record.

The rule goes back an impressive 15 years when Corinthians defeated both Cruzeiro and Palmeiras 1-0, with each win coming either side of the release of Swift’s titular debut album.


On Sunday (December 13), Corinthians defied their recent poor form to beat local rivals São Paulo 1-0 days after Swift released ‘Evermore‘ – her ninth album and the second of 2020.

Unsurprisingly, it’s now prompted many Corinthians fans to portray Swift as the team’s lucky charm – even photoshopping a Corinthians shirt into a picture of the singer.

Corinthians fans were also among the first to wish Swift a happy birthday as she turned 31 on Saturday.

“Happy Birthday, @taylorswift13 and thank you so much for bringing luck to our soccer team, in Brazil!!! Corinthians remains undefeated before and after the release of a Taylor Swift studio album,” wrote one.


In a five-star of ‘Evermore’, NME wrote: “On her second surprise album of the year, Swift pushes the boundaries of her indie reinvention, adding a bit of ‘1989’-era gloss to produce a beacon of hope.”

Our verdict added: “If ‘Folklore’ is an introspective, romantic older sister, ‘Evermore’ is the freewheeling younger sibling. ‘Folklore’ was Swift’s masterful songwriting spun through a very specific sonic palette; ‘Evermore’ feels looser, with more experimentation, charm and musical shades at play. The new album reaps the rewards the stylistic leap of faith that ‘Folklore’ represented, pushing the boundaries of that sonic palette further still.”

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