Watch Cosmo’s Midnight’s surreal deepfake video for new single ‘Titanic’

The duo return with their first single for 2021

Cosmo’s Midnight have returned with their first single of the year, ‘Titanic’.

The smooth, blissed out track foregrounds Pat Liney’s gossamer falsetto with glistening synths and funk-indebted rhythms, building on the groundwork the duo laid with their second album, 2020’s ‘Yesteryear’.

“‘Titanic’ kind of feels like a thematic progression from Yesteryear. It’s reflecting on past regrets but instead of Yesteryear where it’s kind of got this hint of optimism to it, ‘Titanic’ is kind of pessimistic,” the duo said in a statement. “It’s like the moment just before everything spirals downwards.”


‘Titanic’ arrives alongside a very surreal video that sees the duo take part in a school talent show, with deepface AI technology used to superimpose the pair onto two tracksuit-clad children. Check that out below:

“Initially we were going to have Cos and Pat in the clip but pretty soon it became apparent that it wouldn’t be possible,” director Tim Nathan explained, with the duo currently in locked down Sydney.

“The clip wouldn’t have made sense without having them in so we dabbled with 3D printed masks, look-alikes, and finally landed on deepfaking their faces onto the kids, which ended up being kinda hilarious.

“It was a classic clip for me to direct because it was so loose – we were literally diving into all these projected ‘subconscious’ versions of the audience, and putting them in those worlds was an experiment in itself. Obviously it’s all open to interpretation but I love the idea that the audience are fantasizing about starring in their own music videos.”


Cosmo’s Midnight released second album ‘Yesteryear’ back in October 2020, preceded by singles like Ruel collaboration ‘Down for You’, ‘Idaho’, and its title track, which the duo told NME about last year.

In November, the duo added an impressive achievement to their résumé, with production and songwriting credits on BTS‘ song ‘Fly to My Room’, taken from the K-pop collective’s latest album ‘BE’.