Could Lil Nas X possibly be teasing a Wiggles remix of ‘Rodeo’?

The Wiggles: “We don’t know what’s happening but this is amazing”

Lil Nas X has taken to Twitter to ‘tease’ a new remix of his single ‘Rodeo’ by none other than The Wiggles – who have since responded to the proposed collaboration.

The genre-bending American artist best known for his trap country hit ‘Old Town Road’ just released a video for a remix of ‘Rodeo’ featuring New York rapper – and Lil Nas X’s namesake – Nas. Both tracks appear on Lil Nas X’s debut EP, ‘7’.

Just hours ago, Nas X tweeted “Y’all ready??!!” alongside supposed album art for The Wiggles’ remix of ‘Rodeo’. In the image, Nas X reclines behind the original, now-inactive lineup of the beloved Aussie children’s music group – namely Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Greg Page and Anthony Field – who pose in the foreground.


The Wiggles have since responded to the proposed remix on Instagram, reposting Nas X’s image to their Instagram Story with the caption: “We don’t know what’s happening but this is amazing”, along with the cry-laughing emoji. See it below:

Wiggles response to Lil Nas X Rodeo remix collaboration
The Wiggles’ response to Lil Nas X’s ‘proposed’ remix of ‘Rodeo’. Credit: The Wiggles Instagram Story

Fans know to take Lil Nas X’s remix announcements with a pinch of salt: Last year he declared that he would release 25 remixes of ‘Panini’, though only one has been released to date (it featured North Carolina rapper DaBaby).

Lil Nas X has also previously taken to Twitter to publicly wish for ‘Old Town Road’ remixes featuring Dolly Parton and Mariah Carey. Though the respective icons of country and R&B have responded favourably to those playful requests, as you can see below, those remixes have not materialised.


Though the original Wiggles lineup is no longer active, they did reunite last month for two 18+ bushfire relief concerts. At the first concert, original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page went into cardiac arrest on stage and was hospitalised. He was discharged a few days afterwards, and continued to recover at home.