Couple gets married during Alex Lahey show in Melbourne

Lahey also revealed during the show that her third album was finished

Alex Lahey and her band played a hometown show in Melbourne last night (October 27), and midway through the set, they paused to allow for an actual wedding procession to take place.

The celebratory moment came eight songs into the set – which took place at the 800-capacity Corner Hotel – right after Lahey and co. performed ‘Misery Guts’. Before stepping offstage, Lahey explained that the idea to host a mid-gig wedding stemmed from a triple j interview she did upon releasing her latest single, ‘Congratulations’ (which her current tour comes in support of).

Touching on the song’s backstory – two of her ex-girlfriends becoming engaged “within an improbably short space of time” – Lahey quipped on the air that if any engaged couples were coming out to see her on tour, she’d be interested in having them get married at the shows. She noted onstage that she was “half-joking” during the interview, but two longtime fans of hers, Melissa Duncan and Alice Baquie, took her up on the offer nonetheless.


The couple were married on a bespoke altar set up to the side of Lahey’s stage, with a certified officiant leading the ceremony. In a speech given before the couple exchanged vows, Baquie said to Duncan: “So many people have said that I was always going to find a soulmate, and I always felt quite ambivalent about that because even though it sounded lovely, I’ve always been really content in my own company. So when our lives collided, I feel like every single day, I just wanted to spend more and more time with you… You might not be perfect, but you’re perfect for me.”

After Baquie and Duncan shared their first kiss as a married couple, Lahey and her four-piece band – all of whom were dressed as a “wedding band” in full tuxedos – launched into a cover of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’.

Have a look at crowd-shot footage of the moment, and some professionally shot photos, below:

Baquie and Duncan later appeared onstage with Lahey, dancing with her band as they performed ‘Congratulations’. The single itself arrived back in August, and the tour in support of it will continue tonight (October 28) in Ballarat. Set to follow are shows in Wollongong, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane – see more details, and find tickets, here.


Speaking to NME this morning (October 28), Lahey said she’d known Baquie and Duncan as regular punters at her shows, noting that “they’re always so sweet and I just always really love to see them”.

On the process – which, she explained, involved legitimising the ceremony through the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages – Lahey said: “We’re all from Melbourne and we’re so familiar with The Corner, so we could sort of visualise how it was going to work – like reserving that side stage [to use as an altar] and all that kind of stuff. So there was sort of an intuitive side to it…

“We had a little bit of back and forth – a few iPhone voice memos back and forth, just to make sure it was exactly what they wanted – because you know, as much as it is ‘the wedding at the Alex Lahey gig’, it is also their special night, and I wanted to make sure that it was absolutely perfect for them. And I think we got there!”

Lahey also opened up about the significance of the moment, saying: “It was wild. I mean, just the fact that people would want to have such an enormous life event happen at one of my shows is pretty amazing, and it’s a really beautiful thing to reflect on. And the fact that we pulled it off – we were really proud of ourselves, and I really do like those two so much, so I was really excited and stoked that I could give them the stage to do it.

“Queer joy is something I’m very passionate about, and I feel like that whole [ceremony] was a really incredible example of that. We were literally able to give queer joy a stage, and that was really beautiful as well. That was a really nice thing to think about and make the central point of the gig – because I do ultimately think that’s a huge part of what I do.”

Elsewhere in the show, Lahey performed a new song titled ‘Shit Talking’, and revealed that her third studio album – the follow-up to 2019’s ‘The Best Of Luck Club’ – was finished.

Also expected to appear on the album is ‘Congratulations’; the recent single followed on from last October’s ‘Spike The Punch’, which landed alongside the news that Lahey had signed to Mushroom imprint Liberation Records.

Overall, Lahey has kept busy in the three years since she released ‘The Best Of Luck Club’. She’s released three other standalone singles – ‘Sucker For Punishment’, ‘Dino’s’ (a joint effort with Gordi) and ‘On My Way’ (a theme song for The Mitchells Vs The Machines, which earned her a Screen Music Award nomination). She also released a self-recorded “quarantine” EP, ‘Between The Kitchen And The Living Room’, and covers of songs by Faith Hill (‘This Kiss’) and the Ramones (‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight)’).

Lahey has also co-written with a slew of her colleagues in Australia’s indie rock scene, teaming up with the likes of Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (for ‘Small Change’), Eilish Gilligan (for ‘Up All Night’) and Sarah Saint James (for ‘Heather’).