Courtney Barnett teases new “soft folk songs” on the way

Hotel rooms and quarantine shape the next album

Courtney Barnett has hinted at a quieter sound in forthcoming material in an interview with Australian radio station Double J today (July 17).

Speaking to Double J presenter Zan Rowe, the ‘Avant Gardener’ singer spoke about creating new music on the road and how her new songs have “a distinctly different feel”.

“I’ve been working on these songs since the last album came out, I guess,” Barnett said.


“A lot of them are these soft, folk songs that are written in hotel rooms. You can tell, they’re timid and quiet.”

As Victoria continues to follow lockdown restrictions amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Melbourne-based Barnett added how she was keeping creative from home in lieu of being able to tour. “I quarantined here for two weeks and wrote this song while looking out of my window; just the repetition and pointlessness of daily activities that I was observing out the window,” she said.

In 2018, Barnett released her critically acclaimed album, ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’. In a review of the album, NME said the album felt “more personal, like opening a window into Barnett’s mind, exposing her vulnerabilities and fears in the process”.

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