Craterface premiere new song ‘ORIGAMI’ featuring Shady Nasty

Taken from Craterface’s upcoming mixtape ‘BURN AFTER LISTENING’. Watch the video exclusively on NME

Newcastle’s Craterface, aka the hip-hop duo of Taki Local and Baby Bruh, have collaborated with Sydney’s own Shady Nasty on the new song ‘ORIGAMI’. Watch the music video, which NME is exclusively premiering, below.

Following ‘BIG WHEELIN’, this new track is the second preview of Craterface’s upcoming mixtape ‘BURN AFTER LISTENING’. It’s a twofold collaboration with Shady Nasty: vocalist Kevin Stathis provides ‘ORIGAMI’ its hypnotic chorus, and drummer Luca Watson shot the video alongside Harry Welsh of Behind You – the same directing duo who have helmed nearly all of Shady Nasty’s videos to date.

“The boys really pulled their weight on this track,” Stathis told NME of ‘ORIGAMI’. “Was a smooth first half with Taki Local putting in the hard yards on the keys. Baby Bruh provided the bars to match. Organic teamwork laid a solid ground for the boys to build from. We brought Harry and Luca off the bench in the second half for the video. Bit of a struggle converting at first but the lads gave 110 per cent and we got the result we wanted.”


Watch the video below and check out NME’s Q&A with Craterface about touring with Shady Nasty, the Newcastle music scene, and what to expect from ‘BURN AFTER LISTENING’.

Hi Craterface, how are you two doing in this pandemic?

We are doing well, despite all of the fuckery and nonsense

How did you two meet and start Craterface?

We have known each other from birth being close family friends and have always shared a strong passion for music, so after we spent some time messing around we realised that we could do this for real. Simple as that really.


How did this collaboration with Shady Nasty come together?

We actually played our first ever show with the Shady homies about a year ago. Since then they have kinda been our big brothers, helping us with the clerical shit behind music and what have you. And of course we assisted them boys on a few ‘Bad Posture’ tour shows. Beyond that I think we all respect each other as artists, and knew we could both benefit from combining talents on a song.

Do you have more songs together in the vault?

Not telling that’s secret shit

Craterface supported Shady Nasty on tour earlier this year. Best memories from that time on the road?

The best memories for us beyond all of the usual antics was learning from those guys. They have been touring and playing shows a lot longer than us and were happy to show us a thing or two about road etiquette and all of that stuff. It’s a shame we couldn’t keep travelling and playing shows after because of the virus but we aren’t complaining, both of us learnt a great deal and will be carrying those lessons when it’s time to shut shit down again.

Talk us through the chaos of the ‘ORIGAMI’ video, from the rapping in the parking lot and living room to the distorting edits.

Yeah we were so damn lucky to have Luca and Harry doing this with us, Luca being from Shady and Harry being from Behind You. Both of those guys can take a fairly simple shot and make it look so exciting and dynamic, which is basically seen in every second of the video.

We didn’t want to do a super expensive and brash video so this was the perfect avenue for us. Beyond that I feel like it suits the song perfectly, we couldn’t be happier and cruising around Newcastle with those boys was truly special.

On ‘ORIGAMI’ you rap: “Labels confused, but they heard the tape / The cheap fucks wanting Crater at half the rate.” Can you shed more light on these bars?

After our first tape ‘DON’T BE CONFUSED’ we got a lot of attention from all directions which was honestly unexpected. Without going into specifics, we felt that any which offer or proposal that was put to us just wasn’t satisfactory.

Saying “labels confused but they heard the tape” is a double entendre, they are confused about our hesitation but they shouldn’t be, because we told them don’t be. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be confused in the first place because ‘DBC’ was gas and they know it too. Basically it was a cheeky way of saying we are the shit and know what we are capable of going forward.

How would you characterise the Newcastle music scene?

Broken and desperate for reform. But we gettin there.

Craterface dropped ‘DON’T BE CONFUSED’ just last year. Was following it up so soon with a new project always on the cards?

We will make music forever and making a whole coherent ass project is especially gratifying. So after we made a few loosies we knuckled down and made ‘BAL’.

Craterface often get compared to contemporary hip-hop acts like JPEGMAFIA, Brockhampton etc. Are there rappers/producers from older eras you look up to as well?

Huge questions so we are gonna answer in a simple format

Baby Bruh: Busdriver, Earl Sweatshirt, Scallops Hotel/Milo/R.A.P Ferreira, Open Mike Eagle. Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, billy woods., Das Racist, Lil Ugly Mane, Three 6 Mafia, Jameszoo, Shlohmo, Ras G.

Taki Local: Knx, J Dilla, Madlib, Lil Ugly Mane, Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Black Kray/Sickboirari, Yung Lean.

What do you want to accomplish with ‘BURN AFTER LISTENING’?

This tape is incredibly personal and relays its inner meaning through profound displays of spirituality, so we want people to reflect on their own sense of self after listening to what’s expressed through these songs. We both feel an extreme sense of comfortable pride with this tape, because we truly do know the impact it can have on the listener, especially in a time where the world is on fire.

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