Creo release new single ‘Demon To Love’

Taken from their forthcoming EP

Sydney three-piece Creo have released their second single of 2020, ‘Demon To Love’.

The track, released today (October 9), is the follow-up to ‘Juliet’, which the band released in May. Both tracks will appear on the band’s forthcoming EP, due out next year.

Listen to ‘Demon To Love’ below:


In a press statement, Creo frontman Jorjee Haman explained that the song dealt with his “daily struggle” with “comparison culture.”

“Towards the end of last year, I found myself constantly focusing [on] what those around me were doing, and comparing myself to them,” he said.

“It’s almost unavoidable these days with social media – so I deleted all of it, focused on my wins, and it’s made me a much happier person.”

“The song is a celebration of loving all of you, not just the parts that you want people to see.”


Haman also explained what fans can expect of the new EP, which follows 2018’s ‘In The Red’.

“There is a real sense of directness to these new songs,” he said.

“Previously, we’d throw a lot at the song for the sake of being creative and sometimes it was a little distracting.”

“This time we listened to what the songs needed musically, and rid the barriers we set on ourselves.”