Crocodylus announce debut album ‘Muscle Memory’

After three EPs, the Sydney garage rock trio's debut full-length will arrive in November

Sydney trio Crocodylus have announced their forthcoming debut album, ‘Muscle Memory’, which is set to arrive on November 11.

The album has been previewed with three singles so far. ‘YOU’ and ‘Unnecessary Pressure’ arrived in July, while most recent cut ‘Can’t Understand’ was released last week.

“To me personally the song is about impostor syndrome in a way and not really believing you deserve certain beautiful things in your life,” drummer Mikel Salvador says of the band’s latest single. It arrived alongside a video directed by SPOD, which melds futuristic AI graphics with retro-styled analog and digital video processing techniques. Watch that below:


The 14-track ‘Muscle Memory’ will follow three EPs from the band – 2016’s ‘Bummed Out!’, 2017’s ‘Christian Syrup’ and 2019’s ‘Enjoy’. “Over the heavy pandemic periods, there have certainly ups and downs,” guitarist Stephen Sacco said of the album in a statement alongside its announcement.

“Having minimal to no shows to play was unfortunate but it also meant we could use the lockdown and restricted periods to our advantage to demo, record and prepare our debut album properly.” Salvor added that the band had been “sitting on” the album, but it had “been incubating long enough, and needs to see fresh air”.