Cry Club commemorate Pride Month with new video for ‘People Like Me’

"There was really no other option for us other than full-camp,” the band said

Cry Club have shared a music video for their most recent single, ‘People Like Me’, which the “bubblegum punk” duo say aims to celebrate their “commitment to honouring the presence and spirit of queer history, community and found family”.

The dance-centric clip was directed by Estonian filmmaker Eva Otsing – a longtime collaborator of Cry Club’s – who shot it on location at the Estonian House in Brunswick. Alongside the band themselves, Osting worked closely with choreographer Marni Green; they paid tribute to the late, great Bob Fosse, a renowned figure in Broadway, whose laundry list of accomplishments include a creative partnership with Liza Minelli.

Speaking on their vision for the clip, Cry Club said in a press statement: “Trying to visualise a song that was so aggressive and unapologetic, there was really no other option for us other than full-camp. We wanted to explore the more under-the-surface themes of the song – discovering community, strength in numbers, found family, the history of LGBTQ+ communities in nightlife.


“There is a tendency for us to match the full-on energy of our music in the videos, but it seemed more effective in this case to do the opposite.”

Have a look at the clip for ‘People Like Me’ below:

Expounding on the video’s concept, Cry Club went on to describe it as something akin to “a funhouse mirror of public transphobia and homophobia” that they and their accompanying dancers “twisted back onto that audience and used as a moment of power”.

The pair continued: “Why do we scare you? What are we doing that puts that fear into you? The video feels ominous at points, but there’s no punchline or reveal, it’s just a collection of proud queer and trans people presenting the way we want to and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with doing it together.”

‘People Like Me’ was initially released as a single last month, marking the first new song from Cry Club since their debut album, ‘God I’m Such A Mess’, landed in November 2020. On the song’s concept and significance, frontperson Heather Riley (who is non-binary) said: “I often feel this pressure about being queer and trans, like I have to be sweet and kind at all times to prove that I deserve to be treated like any other person.


“It’s exhausting, just constantly having to justify my existence and to people who wouldn’t change their mind either way. I love this song so much, it’s finally letting all of that go and not just accepting but celebrating the fact that we don’t need permission or approval to do whatever the fuck we want. Releasing all that frustration and relishing in the bizarre power trip of being able to piss off bigots by simply existing as ourselves.”

Cry Club are currently in the midst of a national tour to support ‘People Like Me’. They played on Dharawal land in Wollongong last night (June 19), with shows in Naarm/Melbourne, Meanjin/Brisbane and Eora/Sydney still to come. See all the details for those shows here.

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