Cry Club drop fan-favourite single ‘Dissolve’

Their debut album 'God I'm Such A Mess' arrives next month

Cry Club have given fans an official release of their audience-favourite cut ‘Dissolve’, ahead of the release of their debut album next month.

Marking the seventh track we’ve heard throughout the years from the forthcoming album ‘God I’m Such A Mess’, ‘Dissolve’ is billed by band member Heather Riley in a press statement as an “anxiety brain anthem”.

Listen to ‘Dissolve’ below:


“Do your friends hate you or are you just paranoid?” Riley continued.

“It was brought about from overthought moments. It’s hard to figure out which feelings are valid and which feelings are just that devil whispering in your ear things that are not at all true.”

Jono Tooke also described the song in a press statement, believing it is what “The Presets would sound like if instead of a synth bass it was the guy from Death From Above 1979“.

The release of ‘Dissolve’ follows ‘Lighters‘, ‘Nine Of Swords‘ and ‘Obvious‘, all of which were released in 2020 and are set to appear on ‘God I’m Such A Mess’, out Friday November 13.


The album also features credits from a smorgasbord of other Australian artists, with the likes of Alex Lahey, Eilish Gilligan and Northeast Party House‘s Zachary Hamilton-Reeves all contributing to yet-to-be-released track ‘Quit’.

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