Cry Club are at their confrontational best on ‘People Like Me’

Guitarist Jono Tooke describes the band's first new music since 2020 as "Rage Against the Machine with cheerleaders"

Cry Club have shared ‘People Like Me’, their first single since the Melbourne duo released debut album ‘God I’m Such A Mess’ back in 2020.

It’s a more abrasive cut than most of the songs on the band’s LP, held down by a blistering, metallic guitar riff on loop. Guitarist Jono Tooke describes it as “Rage Against the Machine with cheerleaders” while also citing Gojira and IDLES as sonic touchpoints.

That foregrounds Heather Riley’s charged vocals, an incendiary missive to those obsessed with being bothered by queer and trans people’s existence – or whose acceptance is based on conditionality. “It’s not my fault you only see me as a threat / ‘Cause you’re so mad that I live rent-free in your head.


Listen to ‘People Like Me’ below:

“I often feel this pressure about being queer and trans, like I have to be sweet and kind at all times to prove that I deserve to be treated like any other person. It’s exhausting, just constantly having to justify my existence and to people who wouldn’t change their mind either way,” explains Riley.

“I love this song so much, it’s finally letting all of that go and not just accepting but celebrating the fact that we don’t need permission or approval to do whatever the fuck we want. Releasing all that frustration and relishing in the bizarre power trip of being able to piss off bigots by simply existing as ourselves.”

Last week, the duo announced they’ll be heading out on tour in June and July in support of ‘People Like Me’, with stops in Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. See dates and details here.

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