Cry Club share Japanese Wallpaper-produced single ‘Lighters’

A starker, acoustic turn from the duo

Cry Club have shared ‘Lighters’, the sixth single from their forthcoming debut album ‘God I’m Such A Mess’.

The track is a starker, acoustic turn from the duo, produced by Japanese Wallpaper. It arrives alongside a new music video by Eva Otsing, which sees vocalist Heather Riley lip-syncing to the song, with tear-shaped holes in their cheeks that screen live footage of the band. The footage is compiled from friends and fans. Watch it below.


‘God I’m Such A Mess’ is set for release on November 13. It will feature the previously-released singles ‘Nine of Swords’, ‘God I’m Such A Mess’, ‘DFTM’, ‘Two Hearts’, ‘Robert Smith’,  ‘Obvious‘, and now ‘Lighters’. The singles have been released steadily over the last two years.

In a press release, the band said the album was “about telling yourself it’s OKAY to be upset”.

“It’s okay to cry, to be angry, to be anxious, to struggle because if you’re honest about not being okay, it makes it easier to start walking the path towards being okay again. It’s okay to throw your whole heart and soul into something, even if it fails.”

In May, Cry Club shared a live video of ‘Obvious’ recorded at Brunswick Mechanics Institute back in March. It was their last live performance before public gathering bans were introduced due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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