Cub Sport to premiere full live album performance of ‘Like Nirvana’

Set to premiere August 23 on Youtube

Cub Sport have announced that they will premiere a full live album performance of ‘Like Nirvana’ on Youtube.

The band will use Youtube’s monetisation feature, Super Chat, to encourage donations to Black Rainbow, an Indigenous-owned not-for-profit social enterprise that advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI+ peoples.

The full live album performance will begin at 8pm AEST on August 23 via the link below.


Frontperson Tim Nelson said performing ‘Like Nirvana’ felt “like magic”.

“When we shot this performance, I could feel that connectedness, that ‘in the zone’ feeling from shows that I’d been missing so much. I’m excited for viewers to experience that feeling too,” they said.

Cub Sport are NME Australia‘s cover stars this month. In the interview, Nelson spoke about how their religious upbringing and sexuality informed the making of ‘Like Nirvana’.

“I feel like a pretty big theme that came through when I was writing [the album] were feelings of inadequacy around being a man,” Nelson said.

“I was going to this church seven days a week and everything about the culture and values there was conservative. The men that were popular and respected were always these very alpha male, masculine, physically fit and strong men. Anyone who had a higher voice or was more feminine – mainly queer guys who couldn’t actually say that’s who they were – just came off as weird or embarrassing.”


In a five-star review, NME called ‘Like Nirvana’ “an unflinching document of trauma and growth”.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Nelson revealed work on Cub Sport’s next album is already well underway, writing that the new material is very different from ‘LIKE NIRVANA’.

“It’s still got classic water sign emotional Cub Sport vibes but there’s this freedom, joy and euphoria there that I haven’t really felt in this way before,” they said.