Cult hardcore band Gulch are splitting up, announce “final shows”

The US outfit's debut album arrived in 2020

US hardcore band Gulch are splitting up, it has been confirmed.

The Santa Cruz group, whose debut album ‘Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress’ arrived last year, will begin a string of “final shows” in San Francisco, California on November 7.

Gulch’s current label Closed Casket Activities took to Instagram to share the tour’s official poster, which features the aforementioned date and location as well as a gig in Tampa, Florida (at FYAFest) for January 8.


All remaining scheduled shows are scratched out, with the full details expected to be revealed at a later date. FYAFest also posted the image, telling ticketholders that its 2022 edition would be “the last chance to see Gulch in Florida”.

You can see those posts below:

“[I’m] ready to rock with my best friends a few more times,” said guitarist Cole Kakimoto (via Clash).

Speaking to Bandcamp Daily last summer, Kakimoto explained: “We had a plan before this LP came out, and we may stick to it and we may not, but the plan was: come out with the LP, use that as a jump pad to go to the next level, then self-release an EP like a year later and then break up immediately.


“It’s hard to say whether or not we’re going to stick to that, but Gulch can’t be forever.”

Gulch released the six-song EP ‘Burning Desire To Draw Last’ Breath’ in 2018. They are yet to make an official announcement on their split.