Custard announce new album ‘Respect All Lifeforms’

Lead single 'Funky Again' is out now

Australian ’90s rockers Custard have announced their eighth studio album, entitled ‘Respect All Lifeforms’, set for a May release.

The band have shared lead single ‘Funky Again’ and an accompanying video, directed by longtime collaborator Andrew Lancaster (The Lost Aviator) – watch it below.


In a press release, Lancaster said the video was inspired by the 1961 film Last Year at Marienbad, directed by Alan Resnais. It was filmed at Aynhoe Estate in the Cotswolds, England.

“I really wanted to do something 60’s as it’s my favourite era and the song has a certain nostalgia in the lyrics,” Lancaster said

“Our German cast Oliver and Rabia have been friends since school, so we had a lot of fun playing them for and against each other. I love breaking the song with sound or dialogue in music videos so if you make it to the end you hear this. The band thought it was too sexy so we toned it down a little for the families!”

Per a press statement, Custard frontman Dave McCormack said the band began recording the new album in March last year while they were in Perth to play a festival.

“As we were not due on stage until early evening, Glenn booked us into Poons Head studios in Fremantle. Matthew and I drove off to Officeworks to buy a hard drive whilst Glenn and Paul got some sounds happening in the studio. I had some rough chord progressions for a few songs, but that was about all,” McCormack said.


“Apart from that I was happy to let the universe guide us.  We ended up bashing out 8 tracks that day, 6 of which ended up on the album.”

Custard new album Respect All Lifeforms
The cover art of Custard’s new album ‘Respect All Lifeforms’. Credit: Press

‘Respect All Lifeforms’ is the third full-length release from the band since they reformed in 2015, following ‘Come Back All Is Forgiven’ and 2017’s ‘The Common Touch’. McCormack has also found a different kind of fame voicing the character of Bandit on the Australian children’s show Bluey.

‘Respect All Lifeforms’ is set for a May 22 release via ABC Music.

Custard’s ‘Respect All Lifeforms’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Couple’s Fight’
2. ‘Funky Again’
3. ‘Harlequin Records’
4. ‘A Cat Called No’
5. ‘Wishing’
6. ‘Take the Skinheads Bowling’
7. ‘The Min Min Lights’
8. ‘Talkative Town’
9. ‘Like People’
10. ‘Watcha Waiting For’
11. ‘Come Tuesday’