Cut Copy share behind the scenes footage of forthcoming LP ‘Freeze, Melt’

The new album will reportedly be their most ambient yet

Cut Copy have shared a behind the scenes video from the making of ‘Freeze, Melt’, their forthcoming sixth album.

The video appears to be the first in a series and is directed by filmmaker Christopher Hill, credited as a long-time friend of the band. Hill is known for his music video work as KROZM and has produced work for acts such as Midnight Juggernauts.

Watch the first episode below:


New Cut Copy music soundtracks much of the clip, which shows the band recording ‘Freeze, Melt’ and features an interview with frontman Dan Whitford speaking about their new direction. Whitford notes the album has far less percussion than their previous works and is often totally absent.

“[On the new album] sometimes against our better judgment or our instincts we’ve kind of restrained ourselves from doing the thing that seems obvious or like at least historically we would have thought is obvious in favour of something that’s new,” he said.

During the clip, the band is also seen recording the vocals for single ‘Cold Water’. Whitford said the track was the first to spark the new sound.

“It was a bit of a signpost when that came together. It was like being an arctic explorer putting the flag down; this is the way we’re heading, we’re claiming this territory now,” he said.


‘Freeze, Melt’ is set to be released on August 21 via the band’s label Cutters. They’ve released the singles ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Love Is All We Share’ to date. It’s the band’s first album in three years, following 2017’s ‘Haiku From Zero’.

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