Cut Copy share Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix of ‘Cold Water’

The track originally appeared as a single from their latest album

Cut Copy have shared Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s remix of their track ‘Cold Water’ today (October 14). ‘Cold Water’ first appeared as a single from the group’s latest album, ‘Freeze, Melt’, which hit shelves in August.

Listen to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s take on it below:



In a press release, Cut Copy explained that they have “been [fans] of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith for a while now.”

“Her meditative works are aligned with the sound of ‘Freeze, Melt’ and her remix fits the vibe well. Honoured to have her remix ‘Cold Water’.”

Smith’s remix is the fourth to be shared by Cut Copy this year. Most recently, the group released an official remix of their single ‘Like Breaking Glass’, courtesy of Jacques Lu Cont.

Prior to that, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas reworked ‘Cold Water’, while Patrick Holland offered up his take on ‘Love Is All We Share’. All original versions of the tracks appeared on ‘Freeze, Melt’.


Frontman Dan Whitford spoke to NME about the album earlier this year, addressing his decision to move to Copenhagen for its writing phase.

“It gets a lot colder than it does in Melbourne, and a lot darker as well,” he said.

“It’s probably a motivating factor for people that are creative, because you can’t just hop down to the beach or sit outside at a café when it’s cold, you really start focusing on the things you can do inside and obviously for me that’s getting really deep in the studio.”