Cut Copy share visualisers for every song on ‘Freeze, Melt’

Created by famed digital artist Takeshi Murata and Christopher Rutledge

Cut Copy released their sixth album ‘Freeze, Melt’ yesterday (August 21). Now, they’ve shared psychedelic visualisers for each song from the record.

All of the videos are the work of famed digital artist Takeshi Murata and Christopher Rutledge. Their clips for the singles ‘Like Breaking Glass’, ‘Love Is All We Share’ and ‘Cold Water’ were shared ahead of the record, but now they’ve released ones for the remaining five tracks.

The clips are minimal, dovetailing with the electronic band’s turn to a more ambient and less “dance” sound on the new album. In ‘A Perfect Day’, a plot of grass shifts like the ocean; ‘Stop Horizon’ suspends a current of water in mid-digital-air; the video for ‘In Transit’ sees an amorphous blob perpetually change shape.


The clip’s are hosted on Cut Copy’s YouTube channel.

In an interview, Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford told NME about he left his old musical gear in Melbourne to begin working on ‘Freeze, Melt’ in his new home of Copenhagen.

“I wanted to really turn things back and go, I guess, Scandinavian minimal with what I was doing,” Whitford said.

“It was a good reset as well: it sort of meant that you’re not burdened by all this history of the band, or what I’ve done in the past. Obviously, I was working on new Cut Copy music, but it felt like starting a new project.”