Cyrus yearns for “real life” on dreamy new single ‘Love Online’

The singer-songwriter also detailed a new EP, due out November

Wollongong singer-songwriter Cyrus Villanueva – currently working monomynously as Cyrus – has shared a silky new track titled ‘Love Online’, announcing it alongside his debut EP.

With a press release noting that Villanueva penned it “almost immediately in the still-painful aftermath of the dissolution of a long-term relationship”, the new track shimmers with bright, layered synth leads, colourful percussion and Villanueva’s bruised falsetto vocals.

There’s also a striking guitar solo towards the track’s end, which stands out amidst the otherwise melancholic production.


Take a look at the trippy film clip for ‘Love Online’ below:

Touching on its poignant themes of heartbreak and a longing for human connection, Villanueva explained that ‘Love Online’ was written to embody his “desire to prioritise communicating and sharing love, experiencing other people in real life as opposed to through a screen”.

Villanueva noted that ‘Love Online’ came together in the space of time between his last relationship ending and current one blooming.

“I was on Instagram and dating apps trying to meet new people, just be single,” he continued. “And it would just be the same stuff over and over again. [I was] hoping for some sort of magical connection [but was] always falling flat.”

‘Love Online’ comes as Villanueva’s second release for 2021, following the single ‘Facts’ back in April. Both tracks will appear on his forthcoming new EP, had, lost out’, announced today (September 10) and set for release independently on November 5.


The record is being positioned as somewhat of a reboot for Villanueva, who returned to music last year after a three-year hiatus. He’d previously starred on The X Factor Australia in 2015, dropping his eponymous debut album through Sony that December.

Following his debut album’s release, Villanueva transitioned into production, working with the likes of Client Liaison, CXLOE and Glades.