Daft Punk celebrate 11 years of ‘Tron: Legacy’ soundtrack with vinyl reissue

The success of the release has seen the album top Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart

Daft Punk have celebrated the 11th anniversary of their soundtrack for Tron: Legacy by releasing a limited-edition vinyl reissue.

The 2-LP Target-exclusive release was made available in December and has since shifted enough copies to push the album to the top of Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Sales data shows that 94 per cent of the 10,000 units sold of the album between December 10 and December 16 were physical copies.

According to Billboard, the album’s recent return to the top of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart was the soundtrack’s 11th total week in that spot, and its first since April 2011.


Daft Punk announced their split in early 2021, after 28 years together.

Following the news, Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker likened the breakup to the emotional impact of a death. “I mean, I guess I wasn’t expecting to be as emotional as I was. It was almost like when you hear about someone that’s died.“I know it’s obviously not nearly as tragic as when someone dies, but that kind of shock,” he said.

Since the split, it’s been announced that Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter is set to provide the score for a new ballet called Mythologies.

Mythologies will be co-produced by Opéra National de Bordeaux and Ballet Preljocal. It will take place over 90 minutes and will, according to a translation, tackle the “founding myths that shape the collective imagination”.

It will run over July 1-10, 2022, at Bordeaux’s Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux and will be directed by Angelin Preljocal, the choreographer and founder of Ballet Preljocal. Bangalter’s score will be performed by the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine, while musical direction will come from Romain Dumas.


It’s also been announced that a new book chronicling the impact and legacy of Daft Punk is in the works. After Daft is due out in 2023, has been written by author Gabriel Szatan, and will be released via John Murray Press / Hachette UK.

Explaining the French dance duo’s impact and the inspiration behind the forthcoming book, Szatan said: “Daft Punk sit in the pantheon of pop alongside Prince, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk, Missy Elliott, David Bowie or any visionary you’d care to name.”


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