Daine shares ‘Cemetery Dreams’, reveals debut mixtape will arrive early 2022

After collaborations with the likes of Oli Sykes and Dylan Brady, the Melbourne emo-pop artist's first project is dropping next year

Daine has shared new single ‘Cemetery Dreams’, a reworked version of the first song the rising artist ever wrote.

Produced by frequent collaborator Circle Pitt, ‘Cemetery Dreams’ is built around a hazy acoustic guitar loop, understated strings and a subtle trap beat, foregrounding Daine’s heart-on-sleeve lyrics and emo-pop vocal delivery.

The track is the first to be lifted from Daine’s forthcoming debut mixtape, which is set to land early in 2022 and which she describes as a “tombstone to her adolescence”. Listen below:


‘Cemetery Dreams’ arrives after a long string of singles from Daine over the past 18 months. Those have included some high-profile collaborations, including the Danny L Harle-produced ‘Angel Numbers’ and working with 100 gecs‘ Dylan Brady on ‘boys wanna txt’.

Back in August, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes featured on Daine’s single ‘SALT’, with Sykes calling it his “fave collab so far”.

Speaking to NME last month, Daine discussed continuing to shape her sound, saying, “With the next few songs that I’m releasing, I wrote them when I was young but I’ve carried them with me and really refined them.

“They’re still in the same world as what’s come before, but I think these next few months are going to define the rest of my career. No-one else is making music like this. It’s this whole new wave and I’ve never heard music like it. Some people might say it’s nostalgic but to me, it’s a whole new genre.”