Daine delivers themes of redemption in new single ‘new ground’

Lifted from her forthcoming debut mixtape 'Quantum Jumping'

Daine has dropped her first release of the year, moving away from melancholic tones and into reverberated pop, with single ‘new ground’.

Taken from Daine’s forthcoming mixtape, ‘Quantum Jumping’, ‘new ground’ sees the alt-pop artist mix an electro-pop soundscape with her unique brand of emo-inflected vocals.

The single dropped alongside a trippy official music video, edited by Clayton McCracken and Andy Koeger. In it, Daine performs nostalgically yet brightly to the camera, the action interspersed with a kaleidoscope effect to feature various other people bopping to the song.


Watch the video below:

Daine’s debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping’ is set for release on March 18. The release is set to feature an array of songs the artist wrote when she was 16-years-old, including previously released singles ‘Cemetary Dreams’ and ‘IDC’.

Her debut release ‘Picking Flowers’ dropped way back in May 2020 and was followed by a slew of other singles, including ‘My Way Out’, double A-side single, ‘Ascension/Angel Numbers’, ‘Bloody Knees’, ‘boys wanna txt’ and ‘Salt’, featuring Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes.

An NME Radar artist, Daine said in her September 2021 interview that she is making music that is “very outwardly pop but is [still] connecting with emo kids”.