Daine explores pre-breakup anxieties on hazy new single ‘Dragging’

The new single continues an immensely prolific year for the Melbourne alt-pop artist

Melbourne alt-pop artist Daine has returned with ‘Dragging’, the second half of the double A-side they previewed last month with ‘Sleepwalking’.

Like ‘Sleepwalking’, the new song was inspired by shoegaze and carries a hazy, atmospheric soundscape flourished with muddy 808 beats and spacey vocal harmonies.

A press release notes that it’s also a narrative successor to ‘Sleepwalking’ – where that song saw Daine explore the dissolution of their feelings in a relationship, ‘Dragging’ hones in on “the dragged [feet], wasted time and anxieties that permeate your thoughts in the lead-up to a final decision”.


Have a listen to ‘Dragging’ below:

‘Dragging’ continues an immensely prolific year for Daine. Back in April, they released their debut mixtape, a seven-track effort titled ‘Quantum Jumping’ and flanked by the singles ‘IDC’, ‘Weekends’, ‘New Ground’ and ‘Cemetery Dreams’. Fans in Melbourne and Sydney will be able to hear those songs live next week, when Daine performs as the opening act for Mura Masa’s Splendour In The Grass sideshows.

Speaking to NME last year, Daine opened up about the influence of Melbourne’s hardcore scene on their musicality, saying it gave them an “intensity”. They explained, “I needed that outlet: I needed a setting that was very political, angry and physical. I’ve always carried that while making music. It might not translate in [my] sound, but hopefully people can feel it in that sense of community that I try to foster.”

As they admitted later in the chat, Daine “never wanted to make pop music”, but fell into it after they struggled to form a band. “I just started recording my own guitar and putting heaps of autotune on my vocals because I wasn’t confident in them at all,” they said.

“Everything I did just turned out to be pop. I’m surprised by how it has connected with emo kids: I thought they’d think it was way too pop. But at the same time, it is great, so maybe I’m not that surprised.”