Daine finally gives fan-favourite ‘Bloody Knees’ an official release

After an unofficial version amassed attention from artists like Charli XCX

Melbourne’s Daine has had an incredibly busy year, and now she’s given her fans an early Christmas present with the official release of her track ‘Bloody Knees’.

After an unofficial ‘nitecore’ version of the song accumulated traction on her Soundcloud, the official release – and final single from Daine of the year – has seen her polish the song off with crisp production courtesy of regular collaborator Circle Pitt.

Listen to the official version of ‘Bloody Knees’ below:


‘Bloody Knees’ is just the latest in a string of releases the 18-year-old Melbourne artist has delivered throughout the past few months. She kicked off her year, and the Daine project, in April with the release of her debut single ‘Picking Flowers’.

After releasing a collaboration with New York-based artist ppgcasper titled ‘Crash In The Lake’, she followed that up with her second solo single ‘My Way Out’.

November saw Daine complete the release of her double A-side ‘Ascension/Angel Numbers’, which featured production by Danny L Harle and Australia’s own Lonelyspeck.

The ‘nitecore’ version of ‘Bloody Knees’ garnered significant online attention, including from Charli XCX, who tweeted a link to the song back in September, writing “if you like my music u will like this”.

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