Daine releases her second single, ‘My Way Out’

Fusing rap with Midwestern emo

Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter Daine has released her second single, ‘My Way Out’, today, (July 17) just a couple of months after releasing her debut.

The emo-pop newcomer’s debut single ‘Picking Flowers’ was released back in May. She also recently shared a collaboration with ppgcasper, ‘Crash In The Lake’.

“I wrote the song about forcing myself to socialise after a long period of isolation (pre-COVID), and then just finding it so painful and unsatisfying,” the singer said of the new single in a press release.


“I wanted to reinvent myself after, focus on myself and my art rather than forcing myself to enjoy being around others.”

Check out the video for ‘My Way Out’ below:

Upon the release of ‘Picking Flowers’ back in May, NME Australia said Daine was already “crafting songs that walk a fine line between moody, gothic pop [and] emo-rap”, calling the singer “a voice for the digital generation”.

Talking to The Fader about ‘Picking Flowers’ upon its release, Daine explained, “I was writing riffs in my bedroom trying to figure out what to do with myself amidst a breakup early 2019.

“‘Picking Flowers’ is like a haunting distant memory to me, but nostalgic and special in that it was one of the first songs that I ever recorded.”


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