Daine shares new single ‘Portal’ from forthcoming mixtape

'Shapeless' will arrive later this month

Daine has shared new single ‘Portal’, taken from their forthcoming second mixtape ‘Shapeless’ ahead of its arrival later this month.

The track was produced by Waylon Dean, along with regular Daine collaborators hearteyes and Lonelyspeck. It’s a sonically eclectic cut that oscillates between verses that foreground Daine’s voice with nostalgic emo guitars, and big, thrashy hyperpop choruses. Listen below:


‘Shapeless’ – the follow-up to Daine’s 2022 debut project ‘Quantum Jumping’ – is set to arrive on February 24. It’s been previewed with a handful of other singles, including ‘Stay Close’ and its title track.

“‘Shapeless’ is the biggest embodiment of my personal growth thus far – a huge leap forward in confidence & artistic development,” Daine said when announcing the forthcoming mixtape last year.

“It is testament to my transcendence of physical and social barriers – using the experiences of disability, heartache and hardship to wield magic in 3D. Boundlessness. ‘Shapeless’ is beyond form. Just like you & me.”

Since debut single ‘Picking Flowers’ arrived back in 2020, Daine has maintained a steady output of material, including many standalone singles. Following collaborations with Bring Me the Horizon‘s Oli Sykes (‘SALT’) and 100 gecs‘ Dylan Brady (‘Boys Wanna Text’) in 2021, their ‘Quantum Jumping’ mixtape arrived in April last year.

“I want Daine to represent a world to escape to,” Daine said when speaking to NME back in 2021. “Writing music blocks everything out for me and I really hope I can be that coping mechanism for other people… When they listen to my music, I want people to feel like they’re escaping to the future or this different realm.”

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