Dallas Woods covers ‘What’s Luv’ by Fat Joe for triple j’s Like A Version

Featuring Kee'ahn

Dallas Woods took on ‘What’s Luv’ by Fat Joe for triple j’s Like A Version this morning (March 26).

Woods’ rendition of the 2002 track marked his first appearance on the long-running segment.

Where the original featured Ashanti, Woods enlisted singer-songwriter Kee’ahn to sing on his version. Woods altered Fat Joe’s lyrics to include references to Australia’s First Peoples, the outback, Star Wars and more.


Watch the performance below:

“The reason I chose to cover this song is because it’s one of those songs that it’s a nostalgic feel that takes you back to the times when I first started falling in love with music and that whole era,” Dallas Woods said in a post-performance interview.

“Big shoutout to the early 2000s and everyone who was there…back in the early 2000s Fat Joe was killing it.

“This was a milestone moment for me. I’ve always watched Like A Version so I finally get to do one and it wasn’t ‘Let’s come on in and do the best one’, it was ‘Come on in and let’s have fun’ and hopefully that resonates with the audience.”

As is customary, Woods also performed an original for his appearance on the segment. The rapper played through ‘Stranger’, which he dropped just yesterday (March 25).


The track also features Kee’ahn, who reprised her role in the triple j studio this morning.

‘Stranger’ was Woods’ first single of the year, following on from his 2020 tracks ‘Heaven Of My Own (feat. Miiesha)’, ‘If It Glitters It’s Gold’ and his collaboration with Baker Boy, ‘Better Days (feat. Sampa The Great)’.