Dami Im set to release first memoir ‘Dreamer’ later this year

"It will be the story Dami's fans have always longed to hear and which she is now ready to tell," reads the book's synopsis

Dami Im has announced she’ll be releasing her first memoir in October this year, titled Dreamer.

The book is set to be published under Hachette Australia, with pre-orders available here. As per a synopsis on their website, the book “will be the story Dami’s fans have always longed to hear and which she is now ready to tell.”

“In the years since The X Factor she has seen her ambitions squashed and creativity not just ignored but discouraged. But with the 2021 release of her album ‘MY REALITY’ she emerged as the artist she was destined to be,” it continues.


Dreamer is Dami’s story of fighting for your dreams and never losing belief in yourself, of not compromising your values even as those around you try to make you.”

Speaking about the book in a press statement, Im said: “I’ve been recording, travelling and performing non-stop for almost a decade, so it was timely that I got to pause and reflect on everything that has happened before going on to embark on new projects.”

“It also feels really good to finally speak of things that I haven’t been able to reveal before.”

Im won The X Factor Australia in 2013, and went on to later represent Australia at the 2016 Eurovision with her song ‘Sound Of Silence’. She was signed to Sony Music Australia throughout most of that period, but defected to ABC Music in 2020.

Last year, Sony Music’s Australian branch became the centre of controversy after reports emerged that the US office was investigating multiple claims of bullying, harassment and discrimination. This resulted in the departure of longtime CEO Denis Handlin, who’d been in the role since 1984.


A Four Corners exposé on Sony Music Australia later aired, with interviewees revealing a toxic workplace culture of harassment and bullying fostered by Handlin. He was stripped of multiple accolades after the story broke, including his honorary Queensland Music Award, ARIA Icon Award, and APRA-honoured Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services.

Following the programme, Im spoke out about her own experience at the company. “It wasn’t shocking, because everybody who was signed to Sony or worked there, we all knew that was going on” she said, adding, “I left Sony because I wanted control, and to be my own boss.”