Dancing in Sydney nightclubs to return from Monday

The restrictions were first enforced earlier this month following a locally transmitted COVID-19 case with unknown origin

Restrictions in Greater Sydney that were implemented earlier this month will be lifted from Monday.

Limits on mask-wearing, indoor gatherings and dancing took effect on May 6 after a Sydney husband and wife tested positive to COVID-19, with no locally transmitted source determined. The restrictions were first expected to be removed from May 10, but most were extended after it was still unclear how the couple were exposed to the virus.

NSW Health has now announced that after there was no further transmission in relation to the couple, the restrictions will now lift from 12.01am Monday (May 17). Specifically, this means drinking while standing at indoor venues, group singing indoors and dancing at nightclubs will be allowed to return.


Additionally, masks will no longer be compulsory on public transport, though Sydneysiders are still encouraged to wear them. Limits on the number of guests allowed to visit private households will also be removed.

Even though restrictions are easing, NSW Health has noted the source of the two positive cases has not been discovered.

“As these two cases have shown, COVID-19 may re-emerge at any time, so it is important that we all continue to take practical measures to stay COVID-safe,” a statement read.

“This includes always using QR codes to check in to and out of venues, staying home and getting tested for COVID 19 if unwell, and practising good hand hygiene.”