Daniel Avery soundtracks short film ‘VOID’ about clubbing and mental health

"Clubs contain an atmosphere that is searching for the love and togetherness they have held"

Daniel Avery has soundtracked a new short film that seeks to illustrate the mental toll of spending a year away from dancefloors and friends.

VOID, made by together by London-based filmmakers Tom Andrew and Sam Davis, was released earlier today (March 23) on the one-year anniversary of the start of England’s first coronavirus lockdown.

The 14-minute film is partnered with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and shows scenes of empty club spaces and bedroom raves with Avery’s soundtrack running beneath.


Andrew and Davis explained [via Clash]: “VOID was a concept born amidst the past twelve months, while time was stood still. We wanted to represent this feeling of paralysis that had integrated itself into our lives, and were drawn towards the distance we were feeling from the utter alchemy and escapism of the dance floor.

“Now currently stood empty, clubs contain an atmosphere that is searching for the love and togetherness they have held, while also carrying a restrained potential to create the same again. We wanted to capture this, while bringing an honest vision of the present, suspended between these two worlds.”

Meanwhile, Avery is set to play a socially distanced afternoon and evening set at London’s Hackney Church on May 29. Tickets for both performances have sold out.

The electronic musician also shared two new songs last November, ‘Petrol Blue’ and ‘Into The Voice Of Stillness’, following his surprise ‘Love + Light’ album release last June.