Daniel Johns explains why he hasn’t released music in recent years

"Sometimes I need to feel like a human being and feel what other human beings feel"

Daniel Johns has shared a vulnerable letter to fans, explaining his absence from releasing music in recent years and offering words of support for those who are struggling.

“The world is in a very strange order at the moment. It’s very confronting and bemusing,” opens the former Silverchair frontman’s message, shared to his Instagram account earlier this week (July 14).

“The reason I’ve not released music is not because of that. Sometimes I need to feel like a human being and feel what other human beings feel without believing that I am important or creative. I am not. I need to create. There is no need for people to see, hear or appreciate it,” he continues.


“I have been learning that the longer I’m away from people’s opinions the stronger I become. Art is not a way to receive validation. I believe it’s a way to feel connected to whatever this is and not a way to make people feel something for you. I’m not sure what I’m doing? I am sure how I want to do it though.”

Johns has not released any solo music since his 2015 album ‘Talk’. In 2018, he teamed up with Empire of the Sun‘s Luke Steele to form the band DREAMS, releasing debut album ‘No One Defeats Us’. He also collaborated with producer What So Not on the album ‘Not All the Beautiful Things’ the same year, appearing on three tracks. In 2020, Johns posted several photos of himself in the studio with the hashtag #album9.

Elsewhere in the note, Johns says that he feels unable to provide guidance at the moment as he’s seeking it himself, but reassured those struggling that they aren’t alone.

“This is a way to say to anyone who’s listening or reading it’s ok to be confused, disillusioned, saddened. It’s also ok to be inspired, optimistic and brave,” he wrote.

“From the limited knowledge I have the only way to understand this distorted reality is to accept that we don’t know anything except that love is real, friendship is real and the ability to be open minded is vital. Be free to feel, free to heal, free to cry, laugh, be vulnerable, be sad, be furious etc. Just try to know that the world wants you to be good and true. This is a mantra I will try to tell myself as well.


“Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s harder than we can’t even comprehend, sometimes it’s even easy. Be calm and accept anarchy and rebellion/intelligence and kindness. Run to the hills or the ocean if you need. Also we’re all going to die so try and have some fun,” Johns concluded the message.

The post was met by an outpouring of support by fans along with artists including What So Not, Amy Shark, Alice Skye, Kimbra, Natalie Imbruglia and more.