Dannika shares infectious new single ‘Directions’

The second single from her forthcoming debut album 'Gems'

Melbourne artist and award-winning filmmaker Dannika has shared an infectious new single titled ‘Directions’.

The song is the second track lifted from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Gems’, slated for release on January 29 via Spunk Records and Osborne Again.

‘Gems’ is set to star a team of prolific Melbourne musicians, including Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair from Good Morning, and Paul Ceraso from Gordon Koang.


Listen to ‘Directions’ below:

Per a press statement, Dannika described ‘Directions’ as an anecdote about a crush in her life.

“Directions is a crush song. It’s about trying to read someone when you first start seeing them, ‘Do they like me?’,” she explained.

“The chorus refers to a time I was driving someone home and they were giving me wrong directions. I later learned it was because they wanted to spend more time in the car with me.”

Dannika also revealed her debut album title was not inspired from precious jewels, but her favourite food: the canteen classic potato gems.


Other than music, Dannika’s talents branch into the realm of filmmaking, writing and directing. Her 2014 short film The Summer of ABC Burns was awarded Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Sydney’s WOW Film Festival respectively.