Dave East accuses Delta airlines of “racist harassment”

The rapper shared a new video of an in-flight confrontation on Instagram

New York rapper Dave East has accused Delta airlines of “racist harassment.”

The rapper shared a new video on Instagram, showing an in-flight confrontation he was involved in.

“Fucc Delta! Racist Ain’t Even The Word!” East wrote in the caption of the piece. This Jamaican Man Defending me and He dont even know me!!!! He watched the racist harassment!!!!


“Delta Airlines Y’all Need To Stop Hiring these racist, stupid, ignorant TRUMP supporters that get nervous when they see a PERSON OF COLOR in first class!!! Bitch just ask me what I want to drink and keep it pushing!!!! Shit got me Ho.”

Last month, Dave East shared ‘Karma 3’, the third edition of his ongoing mixtape series. In a four-star review of the new mixtape, NME‘s Will Lavin wrote: “A charged effort with dynamic results, ‘Karma 3’ may not be as flawless a spectacle as ‘Survival’, but it’s not all that far off. And it’s definitely the best entry in the ‘Karma’ series.

“East remains consistent, unapologetically flying the flag for New York hip-hop. His sharpened pen game flourishes over beds of captivating soul samples, airy synths and bass kicks so hard they’ll bottom out any cheap speaker.”

Earlier this year, East spoke to NME about his mentor Nas, fatherhood and what’s missing from modern New York rap.


“I’m a fan of what was going on in New York and I feel that shit is missing right now,” he said. “There’s nobody that’s really painting pictures about their own life. All the people I grew up on, that’s the type of music they made. Nas, Jay[-Z], Cam[‘ron], they all brought you into their world.”

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