David McComb documentary ‘Love In Bright Landscapes’ to open in Australian cinemas next month

McComb's former Triffids and Blackeyed Susans bandmates will celebrate his music with a live performance at special screenings in Sydney and Melbourne

Love In Bright Landscapes, a documentary about the life of late Triffids frontman David McComb, will open in Australian cinemas next month, following screenings at film festivals in Australia and overseas.

It’s the debut feature from Melbourne writer and director Jonathan Alley, who made it over a 13-year period drawing on archival footage and interviews with the musician’s colleagues, family and friends. Excerpts of McComb’s music feature heavily throughout, with his poetry and letters read by novelist DBC Pierre.


Love In Bright Landscapes will open in cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne on May 5. There will be special events in both cities, featuring both a screening and live performance from the Friends of David McComb band.

The group will be made up McComb’s former Triffids and Blackeyed Susans bandmates “Evil” Graham Lee, Rob McComb, Phil Kakulas, Rob Snarski and JP Shilo, who will be joined by a range of guest vocalists for the performance.

Those will take place May 6 at the Randwick Ritz in Sydney, and May 15 at the Astor in Melbourne. Alley will also appear at both screenings.

McComb formed the Triffids in 1978, releasing five studio albums – including their seminal 1986 record ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ – before disbanding in 1989.

Following their breakup, McComb formed another band, the Blackeyed Susans, and continued a solo career. McComb died in 1999, aged 36, with his Victorian coroner ruling his cause of death to be heroin toxicity.