Ex-Day6 member Jae Park reveals he personally called Jamie to apologise

“I was like ‘I thought it was a joke’ and she said ‘Jae, that’s not a joke’”

Former Day6 member Jae Park has revealed that he personally contacted singer Jamie to apologise for the derogatory comments made about her.

Since taking a step back from group activities last year – and JYP Entertainment later confirming he was no longer a part of Day6 – Park has been communicating with fans through Twitch streams and broadcasts.

In one recent stream on January 9, he spoke about Jamie, saying, “now that I’m not in K-pop anymore, I can say this. Why is Jamie trying to be a thot?” He went on to laugh at his words and told fans to tell her what he’d said.


He has since posted a public apology to his Twitter page, following backlash from his comments. “It was most definitely a comment made in poor taste and I feel terrible for making Jamie feel the way she does,” he wrote.

On January 10, Park held another livestream to address the controversy. During the broadcast, the musician revealed that he texted and called Jamie right after the stream to apologise – an act that, according to the musician, cemented the severity of the situation for him.

“I don’t think I understood the gravity of the situation until I texted Jamie the night of,” the musician explained. “I was like ‘I thought it was a joke’ and she said ‘Jae, that’s not a joke’”

“The whole time I was super stunlocked, and I think I was just at a loss for words,” Park said of his call with Jamie. “I realised that it’s not really a joke. It’s not something you just throw out there and just laugh at. I think I’ve learned that there’s specific weight in that specific word, too.”

“We talked today and she said she’ll hit me up in the week when she has more time”, Jae added. “I think after we talk, I’ll have more clarity in my mind”.


Jae also added that he will return to streaming as soon as he gets the opportunity to talk to Jamie. “I think until I see Jamie, until I talk to her in person, and I figure this shit out in my head, I don’t think I’ll be in a headspace where I can genuinely be a person”.

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