Death Bells release new single ‘Heavenly Bodies’

'New Signs Of Life' arrives September 25

Sydney-born, LA-based post-punk duo Death Bells have shared a new single, ‘Heavenly Bodies’.

The new track, released today (July 30), is the band’s second single of 2020. It follows the release of ‘New Signs Of Life,’ which the band dropped last month.

An accompanying lyric video has been released for the single, directed by Collin Fletcher. Watch it below:


In a press statement, the band explained that the song originated “in a dining room shortly before a tour last August.”

“[We] refined it over those following dates,” they said.

“It focuses on the inevitable truth of mortality in a point-blank manner.”

Both ‘Heavenly Bodies’ and ‘New Signs Of Life’ will feature on the band’s forthcoming second album, also titled ‘New Signs of Life.’ ‘Heavenly Bodies’ will serve as the album’s opening track.


The album will arrive some three years after their debut, 2017’s ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World.’

In the intervening years, the band relocated from their native Sydney to Los Angeles. A line-up change saw most of the group’s six members exit the fold, with only vocalist Will Canning and guitarist Remy Veselis remaining.

‘New Signs Of Life’ is set for release on September 25 via Dais Records.