Declan McKenna is already working on his third album

The singer's second LP 'Zeros' hit the number two spot in the charts upon its release this month

Declan McKenna is already working on his third album, his manager has revealed.

The singer released second album ‘Zeros’ earlier this month, narrowly missing out on the UK chart top spot to The Rolling Stones.

“He’s already sent me five demos,” manager Tara Richardson told Music Week in a new interview. “He’s got a studio in his house and if Declan’s got spare time, he writes songs, he doesn’t veg out or go out.


“Obviously lockdown has been helping with the enforced isolation, but he’s always writing. The songs usually come in with full lyrics and the [final] lyrics will then rarely change from the original demo, which is amazing.”

She added: “Declan will literally write songs walking down the road, he’s incredible, he’s a real talent. There were three songs that didn’t make this record that are just as good as everything else on the record. It was a really difficult decision.”

NME gave McKenna’s new album ‘Zeros’ a four-star review, writing: “The 21-year-old might be trying to shake off any unwieldy labels from critics this time around, but he’s doing so in electric, entertaining and thought-provoking form.

“Climb aboard McKenna’s space shuttle, and let him transport you to a place where dancing and getting deep are equally encouraged.”


Declan McKenna launched ‘Zeros’ with a livestreamed show from new London venue Lafayette earlier this month. Writing about the show, NME said: “Three songs deep, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a Bowie tribute act.

“Since his 2017 debut, Declan McKenna has re-designed himself as a modern-day glam-rock icon, moving on stage with childish insouciance, resplendent in Marc Bolan glitter make-up and silver lamé.”

McKenna was set to close the UK’s first socially distanced arena in Newcastle last night (September 20), but the gig was cancelled after local lockdown rules were implemented in the north east.