Demi Lovato claims team “barricaded” them in hotel room to control eating disorder

"I felt trapped, I felt I couldn't get out of this situation"

Demi Lovato has claimed that their team “barricaded” them in a hotel room to control an eating disorder.

In a new interview on the Spotify podcast Call Her Daddy, Lovato claims that someone from their management team placed controls over food consumption – such as taking food out of the hotel room or removing the phone so they couldn’t order room service. The musician claimed in the interview that the measures “exacerbated” an existing eating disorder and made them bulimic again.

They go on to claim that after sneaking out of the hotel room one night and “binged and purged”, the security guard “walked by my room, or was made aware that they had barricaded me into my hotel room. They put furniture outside of my door so that I couldn’t get out, sneak out, and eat if I wanted to. It was that level of controlling when it came to my food, which just made my eating disorder worse.”


They allege that their eating disorder worsened to the fact they started to vomit blood and despite seeking help, was discouraged from doing so by a member of their team.

“This was in, like, 2017,” they recalled, “and this person looked at me and said, ‘You’re not sick enough’. And I think that was his way of saying, ‘No, you’re not going back to treatment, because if you do, this will look bad on me.’

“And so I didn’t, I didn’t go back into treatment. And less than a year later, I ended up overdosing… I felt trapped, I felt I couldn’t get out of this situation.”

Lovato said they were controlling because of their “image” and wanted them to look “thin”.
You can listen to the full interview above. NME has reached out to Lovato’s team for comment.

Lovato released their latest album ‘Holy Fvuk’ recently. Reviewing the new albumNME wrote: “If ‘Holy Fvck’ is a funeral for Lovato’s pop music, it also marks a new beginning, with an artist reborn. As the musician explores this ferocious sonic world and celebrating their musical roots, it’s the start of a bold new era.”

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