Dennis Cometti share ‘WAXIT’ from their self-titled debut album

Their debut album arrives October 23

Perth rock band Dennis Cometti have announced their debut album with a new single, ‘WAXIT.’

The track, released today (September 14), is the lead track and opener from the self-titled album. It is set for release on The Chats‘ label, Bargain Bin Records.

The song’s title and subject matter are a parody of Brexit, in which the band sarcastically suggest that their home state of Western Australia becomes independent from Australia.


Its release has been accompanied by a new music video. Thomas Cahill served as its director and editor.

Watch it below:

The band formed in 2014 out of Fremantle, initially as a side project. The trio take their name from a veteran AFL commentator, who has since given his blessing for the band to use his namesake.

Dennis Cometti released two EPs in 2018, ‘Wooden Spoon’ and ‘On The Sauce.’ The band released both in July of that year, within days of one another.

Although unable to perform for most of 2020, the band have taken advantage of Western Australia’s lifted restrictions.


They performed at Fremantle’s Buffalo Club last week (September 10), and at The Aardvark a month prior.

The band will release ‘Dennis Cometti’ on Friday October 23.