Deuce share new single ‘Breathe’, detail second album

‘Wild Type’ will hit shelves in April

Deuce have returned with a heady new single titled ‘Breathe’, alongside the news that their second album will be released in April.

It’s a typically dreamy track from the Naarm/Melbourne band, with singer Kayleigh Heydon singing in the first verse over silky, reverb-slathered guitars: “Your body talks a moonlight / Am I holding on too tight? / This feels different now / Two feet on the ground / When it’s just me and you.”

Also notable is the inclusion of a saxophone, performed on the track by Liam Halliwell (Snowy Band, The Ocean Party, Way Dynamic).


Have a listen to ‘Breathe’ below:

‘Breathe’ comes as the second preview of Deuce’s sophomore album – announced today with the title ‘Wild Type’ – following ‘Seven Hour Flower’ last October. The new record will be out on April 28 via Dinosaur City Records, with a press release boasting that it sees the duo of Heydon and Curtis Wakeling “build on their debut album’s foundation, going bigger and broader with a newfound confidence and profundity”.

In a statement shared with the news, Heydon said: “When we started Deuce, I couldn’t play an instrument. Writing and recording the album relied on a lot of communication, allowing us to develop sound through description; not jargon or technical music terminology.”

Recording in Coburg, for the first time with live drums, Heydon and Wakeling both performed lead vocals and multiple instruments across the 10 tracks on ‘Wild Type’. It’s described as a collage of “themes of vulnerability, tenderness, love and loss”.

Take a look at the cover art and tracklisting for ‘Wild Type’ below, then find pre-orders for the record here.


1. ‘Fall Apart’
2. ‘Sleep Talking’
3. ‘Rabbit Hole’
4. ‘Breathe’
5. ‘That Hill’
6. ‘Control’
7. ‘Blue’
8. ‘Medicine’
9. ‘Wild Type’
10. ‘Seven Hour Flower’

Deuce released their self-titled debut album in June of 2021. It earned a four-star review from NME’s Doug Wallen, who praised it for the way it “speaks to the intimacy of a homebound relationship”.

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