Diddy and Timbaland call on Joe Biden to choose Black woman as VP

They have joined the calls of over 100 prominent Black male figures

Artists including DiddyTimbaland and Ty Dolla $ign have joined a list of over 100 prominent Black male figures who are calling on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to select a Black woman as his running mate.

In an open-letter published in the Atlanta Daily World, they wrote: “It disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticised and scrutinised.”

They added that “failing to select a Black woman in 2020″ could cost Biden the election.


“As someone who has said throughout the campaign that VP Joe Biden needs to choose a Black woman VP, the urgency for that pick has gone from something that SHOULD happen to something that HAS to happen,” the letter states.

Cardi B
Cardi B and Joe Biden have also had a chat about politics (Picture: Getty Images)

They added: “For too long Black women have been asked to do everything from rally the troops to risk their lives for the Democratic Party with no acknowledgement, no respect, no visibility, and certainly not enough support.

“More than 700 Black women signed on to a letter demanding a Black woman VP. And we, black men, stand in solidarity with them.”

It comes after Biden pledged to choose a woman as his running mate, with his pick expected to be announced as early as this week.

Last week, Cardi B revealed that she has spoken to Biden and told him if he wants people to vote for him “we don’t want no false promises.”


“What I’m saying is that I know him,” she said.

“I always felt like Biden balanced Obama because I thought he was conservative and that’s what swayed the conservative votes, the ones in the middle. Knowing him and everything, I think he’s getting it and I think he understands the people’s pain. He’s getting what we want. People think we want so much, but we want really simple things if you really think about it.”

It has also been claimed that Kanye West’s presidential run is an attempt to siphon votes away from Biden to secure a second term for Donald Trump.

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