Diesel shares new single ‘Come Back’ from forthcoming album

The second single from his upcoming album

Aussie blues-rock legend Diesel – real name Mark Lizotte – has shared his latest single, ‘Come Back’.

The track is lifted from Lizotte’s upcoming album, ‘Sunset Suburbia’, which is scheduled for release on August 28. The record will be Lizotte’s first in four years.

“It’s all of my life’s work so far brought to fruition, in many ways,” Diesel said in a statement.


“It’s pretty encompassing.”

Listen to it below:

Diesel also performed an acoustic rendition of the track last weekend on ABC’s The Sound.

Of the track, Lizotte described it as a genre that was close to his heart.

“Stylistically, it’s got the R&B DNA in it that’s very me,” he said.


Diesel is set to launch ‘Sunset Surburbia’ with a performance at his brother’s restaurant, Lizotte’s, on August 29. The venue will host a limited capacity audience and will also be streamed online. Tickets can be purchased from Diesel’s website.

Diesel’s last release was lead single ‘On The Inside’, which dropped in May. Upon release, he revealed that his work as a producer influenced the writing and recording process of ‘Sunset Suburbia’.

“It’s come full circle through all the production work I’ve been doing with pop artists: just slamming ideas together and ‘oh, that’s sounds good, let’s go’,” Diesel said.

“You get one little glimmer of gold and you follow the seam. That always been a kind of M.O. for me.”

The tracklist for ‘Sunset Suburbia’ is:

1. ‘On The Inside’
2. ‘In Reverse’
3. ‘Come Back’
4. ‘NYC’
5. ‘I Found A Love’
6. ‘By The Scars’
7. ‘Quietly Drift’
8. ‘I’m Sold’
9. ‘Wake Up With An Angel’
10. ‘Sunset Suburbia’