Divide and Dissolve share crushing new single ‘RVR’

One half of a two-track 7" set to be released next month

Melbourne duo Divide and Dissolve have shared their first new music this year with the blistering new song ‘RVR’.

Anchored around menacing guitar riffs and crushing percussion, it’s one half of a forthcoming two-track 7″ EP titled ‘TFW’. It will arrive next month alongside a track titled ‘8VA’.

Stream ‘RVR’ below:


“‘TFW’ is a beginning. A pathway for Divide and Dissolve. When we first met one of the first pieces of information we chose to share with each other is that we are Indigenous,” explained the duo in a statement.

“‘TFW’ is a map we created to fight the dispossession that we both experience and strive to negate. It is a humble and demanding petition for Indigenous Sovereignty, decolonisation in all its formations, our connection with the Earth, Water, Life, people and our responsibilities.

“‘TFW is a manifestation of our resistance to colonisation, slavery, racism, the carceral state, imperialism, and oppressive power structures and ideologies.”

Per a press statement, ‘TFW’ precedes a new album from the band, which is made up of guitarist and saxophonist Takiaya Reed and drummer Sylvie Nehill. Produced by Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, it’s expected sometime this year.


While the duo released standalone single ‘Prove It’ back in 2019, their last full-length album was 2018’s ‘Abomination’.

‘TFW’ is set for release August 7 via Saddle Creek’s Document Series.