DJ Quik burns Death Row royalty cheque, demands credit for 50 Cent, 2Pac and Nelly tracks

"I'm not gonna be the underdog of this music industry anymore"

DJ Quik wants his credit for the work he did on hit records by the likes of 50 Cent, Nelly, 2Pac and more.

The former Death Row Records producer and rapper took to Instagram Live yesterday (April 30) to film himself burning a “little” royalty cheque he said came from the rap label that was once home to 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Speaking to the camera, Quik said he was “real offended” by the amount the cheque was made out to, explaining that he feels he should be better compensated for the volume of work he did for Death Row.


“Not so happy,” he started the video. “I’m real offended by this Death Row cheque in this amount. As much work as I did for these sons of bitches I just feel like the respect factor is just crazy. There is none.”

He then put the cheque on a barbecue and proceeded to set fire to it, adding: “All the 2Pac shit I did. I helped with Tha Dogg Pound project. Devil, you are a bitch.”

Quik then demanded he receive his production credits for the work he did on other people’s music including Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’, Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘King Kunta’, R. Kelly‘s ‘Home Alone’, and 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’.

“I want my real money and I want all my credits for everything I did in this industry,” he said. “All the songs, including ‘Hot In Herre’ by Nelly and Pharrell. I want my credit for that being ‘Get Nekkid’.

“I want my credit from Kendrick Lamar for… no disrespect to Kendrick. I love you guys. TDE, you guys are awesome. But the fact that y’all left my credit off ‘King Kunta’ was crazy.”


After listing a number of other records he said he worked on but didn’t get credit for, Quik added: “I want all my credits. I’m starting to get to a point to where I’m now impatient and I feel disrespected. I’m not gonna be the underdog of this music industry anymore. I am to be respected as a king and a lord that I am – a god when it comes to production.”

Going back to Death Row, he said: “I took death chances being over there; I could have been killed at that record company.” Watch the full video above.

Meanwhile, cassette reissues of albums by 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre have been released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Death Row Records.