DMA’S touring bassist Tom Crandles releases new track through solo project, Prudence

Featuring a psychedelic music clip

Tom Crandles, known for his work as the touring bassist for DMA’S, has shared new music through his solo project, Prudence, in addition to an accompanying music clip.

The new track, ‘Heart Sways’, was first played on FBi Radio earlier this week, while the music video premiered on music blog Weirdo Wasteland earlier today (April 29). Watch the video for ‘Heart Sways’ below:



“‘Heart Sways’ was originally an old discarded song of mine from a past project that finally found its voice through Prudence. I was inspired by Mark Hollis of Talk Talk’s sense of musical space during the refitting on the song,” Crandles said in a statement to NME Australia.

In the video premiere, the blog explains how the music from Crandles’ solo project is far different from his current work with DMA’S and previous work as one half of synth-rock duo, Au.Ra.

“‘Heart Sways’ is a gorgeous bit of dream-pop — all iridescent strum, glimmering synthetic flourishes and perfumed percussion,” the article read.

“There’s a subtle kinetic energy that gives the song a comfortable tingle, a kind of positive pressure that fills up the crevices of the brain and smooths things out.”

Prudence was originally intended to be a bedroom project for Crandles. Now, it has become a full band, with pianist Aleesha Dibbs, bassist Kat Harley and drummer Steve West rounding out the rest of the group.


Prudence’s debut EP, ‘Major Tom’, was released back in May last year through Forged Artifacts. Months later, the project released a 37-minute ambient track, ‘Tokyo’.