Doja Cat donates $100,000 to fund set up to honour Breonna Taylor

Taylor was shot and killed by police officers in March after they entered her home with a no-knock warrant

Doja Cat has announced that she’s donated $100,000 to a fund set up to honour the life of Breonna Taylor, an ER technician who was shot and killed by police officers in March.

Taylor was shot eight times by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers on March 13 after they entered her home with a no-knock warrant, which allowed the police to enter without warning or without identifying themselves as law enforcement.

Yesterday (June 6), Doja Cat revealed she was donating $100,000 to the ‘Justice For Breonna Taylor Fund’, a fund set up to honour Taylor in celebration of what would have been her 27th birthday.


“Happy birthday to the beautiful Breonna Taylor, who would have been celebrating her 27th birthday today,” Doja Cat wrote on Instagram. “I am donating $100,000 to Justice For Breonna Taylor Fund #BIRTHDAYFORBREONNA and I am inviting you all to honor and celebrate her with me by donating whatever you can and signing her petition – the link is in my bio.”

She continued: “I’m urging all my friends, family, fans, and colleagues to please donate whatever you can to her cause and to ALL the foundations that are helping us bring justice and demand change! We are all in this together and together is the ONLY way to demand change for a better world.”

Last month, Doja Cat came under fire on Twitter when the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty went viral after it was alleged that she had taken part in racist video chats in the past. A song Doja wrote in 2015 called ‘Dindu Nuffin’, named after a racist slur that mocks the victims of police brutality, also resurfaced.

Doja Cat subsequently issued an apology on Instagram for the song, but denied taking part in “any racist conversations” in online chat rooms.


“I’ve used public chat rooms to socialise since I was a child,” she wrote. “I shouldn’t have been on some of those chat room sites, but I personally have never been involved in any racist conversations. I’m sorry to everyone that I offended.”