Doja Cat says she wants to do “deliberate weird ass shit” to fuel Illuminati conspiracies

"I've for real found a new outlet of joy"

Doja Cat has joked that she plans to do “weird ass shit” to deliberately fuel conspiracy theories about her being in the Illuminati.

Addressing rumours that the pop-rap star is involved in the supposed organisation of society’s elite that secretly runs the world, the singer said that she finds the conspiracy “so funny”.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (February 6), the ‘Say So’ singer wrote: “This illuminati shit is so funny to me I’m gonna keep doing deliberate weird ass shit just to make those people uncomfortable. I’ve fr found a new outlet of joy.”


In a follow-up comment, one Twitter user suggested she “get the illuminati symbol as a tattoo next”, to which Doja replied: “dude i fuckin will watch me.”

Back in October conspiracy theories swirled after the star hosted an Eyes Wide Shut themed 27th birthday party – paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 psychological mystery film about an elite society – where she also had a birthday cake with an illuminati symbol on it.

Last month, Doja appeared at Paris Fashion Week – as part of Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 show – with 30,000 ruby red Swarovski crystals applied to her body.

It took nearly five hours for the crystals to be applied on Doja by hand, including on her recently-shaved head, with the singer saying she has “never felt more beautiful” than she has since getting the buzz cut last year.


However, the singer has since said that the comparisons of her shaved head to Britney Spears are “incredibly disrespectful”.

Speaking about the comparisons to Spears’ moment in 2007, Doja said: “It’s so incredibly disrespectful for people to be minimising what Britney went through and make a joke out of something that was very serious and a big deal in her life.

“Every time I see a comment like that, I can’t compute what’s happening, other than it’s just an awful thing.”

Elsewhere, conspiracy theorists have said that Sam Smith’s Grammy performance this weekend (February 5) was “a satanic ritual”, believing the singer had been “taken over by demons”.

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