DoloRRes announces debut EP ‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’

Accompanied by a new single, 'D.T.R'.

Italian-Australian rapper DoloRRes has detailed his debut EP, entitled ‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’.

The announcement of the six-track EP today (July 15) coincided with the release of DoloRRes’ new single, ‘D.T.R’. Sydney-based producer xiro worked with the rapper on the song, whose acronym stands for “Defining The Relationship”.

Listen to ‘D.T.R’ below:


In a press statement, DoloRRes said that “defining the relationship” as a concept is “a conversation everyone eventually undergoes with their partner”, which is what he wanted to reflect in the song thematically.

“This song is about someone trying to avoid having said conversation by any means necessary, because they are scared that they might not be on the same page,” he said.

“Of course, avoiding this confrontation makes things a lot worse.”

He goes on to note the song also deals with themes of “toxic masculinity”, portraying what he describes as “this dislikable character who refuses to express how they feel” in the lyrics.


“It’s actually quite a depressing song, even though the instrumentation is very sunny and upbeat,” he concluded.

‘D.T.R.’ will appear on the forthcoming EP alongside the previously-released single ‘Heelys’, which came out in late April.

‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’ is set for release next month via Sydney-based label samesame records.