Donny Benét announces virtual ‘Mr Experience’ album show

Live Experience premieres on November 21

Donny Benét has announced a virtual live performance of his latest album ‘Mr Experience’.

Benét shared a performance of ‘Moving Up’ from the forthcoming virtual stream last month, but today (October 30), further detailed Live Experience.

The virtual show is set to premiere Saturday November 21 from 8pm AEDT, with tickets available on a pay-what-you-can basis with the option to go free.


Live Experience sees Benét play with a full band, including backing vocalists, at Sydney venue Mary’s Underground. The video is shot and directed by Alexander O. Smith with his personal collection of vintage video cameras, capturing the era of ’80s pastiche Benét performs in.

Benét wrote a note on the story behind ‘Live Experience’, explaining that his band had only been able to rehearse the songs of ‘Mr Experience’ once before coronavirus lockdown.

“I had put so much love into writing ‘Mr Experience’ and wanted to present it in the highest quality setting for audiences rather than a series of streamed shows,” Benét said.

“I always had the idea of filming a live performance for posterity and generally being something on my wish list. As a huge music nerd I’ve spent endless hours trawling the internet watching live performances of my favourite artists and I always loved the idea that one day there would be a high-end production of a Donny Benét performance filmed and viewed online for years to come!

“I always enjoy working with Alex – we both seem to operate within an extremely fine line of subtleties and niche references.”


Benét was recently nominated for two 2020 ARIA Awards for Best Adult Contemporary Album and Best Cover Art for ‘Mr Experience’. The album was also included in NME‘s 15 best Australian albums released so far back in July.

In an interview with NME around the album’s release, the artist explained how his post-disco sound was inspired by the legendary Lou Reed.

“[Not being the best singer] was part of the initial charm of [Donny Benét]. That’s what I like about Lou Reed: he’s definitely not a good singer, pitch-wise, but then there’s a quality about his voice and there’s the phrasing and there’s the delivery, the confidence,” he said.